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Kahr CW 9
This is Kahr\'s Entry level pistol. It has conventional rifling; 1-10 right-hand twist and laser engraving. Drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight, pinned in polymer front sight are found on this firearm. Your Price $349,95 ...(read more)
Price: $349.95   
Colt Gold Cup Trophy
Out of Stock Stainless Steel Frame with Black Wraparound Rubber Grip containing the 100th Anniversary Medallion ...(read more)
Price: POR   
Springfield Armory XDm in Black
This is the Springfield Armory XDm in 9mm 4.5" barrel. The "M" truly stands for more in this series of firearms. Price: $530.54 ...(read more)
Price: $530.54   
Smith& Wesson M+P 22LR
This is the S&W M+P in 22LR with 12 Round Magazine ...(read more)
Price: $365   
Smith &Wesson Shield
This is the 9mm S&W Shield 9mm. Great for use as a carry firearm. ...(read more)
Price: $398.95   
Glock 42
The new GLOCK 42, in .380 AUTO, is a slimline subcompact pistol ...(read more)
Price: $415   
This is H&K first striker fired handgun since the P7 which was introduced in the 1980s.. ...(read more)
Price: $625   
Walther CCP
Do you have trouble racking the side on a semit-auto firearm? If so, this may be the firearm for you. The SOFTCOIL delayed blowback recoil system greatly reduces the effort it takes to rack the slide. It really works! Price $419.00 ...(read more)
Price: $419   
Glock 43
IN STOCK NOW! The G43 is our new single stack, 9mm pistol ...(read more)
Price: $449   
S&W M+P Pro Series
Thi is the S&W M+P Pro Series 9mm with 5" barrel and fiber optic front sight with competition black rear sight. The trigger pull is about 5.5lbs out of the box. ...(read more)
Price: $595.99   
Colt Competition 1911
ON SALE IN 9MM! This is Colt's new competition model 1911 pistol in both 9mm and 45 auto. This is a firearm with many competition features including a dual recoil spring, G-10 Colt grips and Novac competition sights. Price $835.00 ...(read more)
Price: $835   
Colt Defender
SOLD---for $799.00!!This is Colt's Defender pistol in 9mm. It will make an excellent carry fiream. ...(read more)
Price: POR   
Alex Pro Firearms Carbine RI-001
ALex Pro Firearms are 100% American made in Alexandria, Minnesota. This is one of the best made and fitted AR-15s we've seen for the money. Your Price: $1005.00 ...(read more)
Price: $1005   
Walther PPQ Q5 Match
IN STOCK -The new Q5 Match from Walther is built for the production class competitive shooter. It features the Carl Walther signature ergonomics, and a blue quick defense trigger. Your Price $789.00 ...(read more)
Price: $789   
Ruger LC9s Engraved
This is a Ruger LC9s Engraved Model. The engraving is very well done and adds a touch of class to a great firearm. Your Price:$478.00 ...(read more)
Price: $478   
S&W M+P M2.0
This is Smith & Wessons new model M+P 2.0 S&W has upgraded the M+P 2. with many new features including an improved. crisp trigger. Your Price $507.00 ...(read more)
Price: $507   
Glock 17 GEN 5
This is the new Glock 17 GEN 5. I has over 20 new and exciting design improvements including an improved trigger. Your Price $559.00 ( Glock 19 GEN 5 also in stock at same price as the 17) ...(read more)
Price: $559   
The eagerly anticipated subcompact model of the acclaimed Heckler & Koch VP Series handgun, VP9SK (in 9 mm) has all of the sought-after characteristics of larger frame VP pistols but in a more concealable design. ...(read more)
Price: $569   
Weatherby Mark V Weathermark 7mm REM MAG
This is a Weatherby Mark V 7mm REM MAG with the Weathermark stock. Asking: $1350.00 ...(read more)
Price: $1350   
Glock 19 X
Confidence now comes in a different color with the first-ever factory-colored slide. Your Price: $599.00 ...(read more)
Price: $599   

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