Firearms we sell

Listed below are websites of many of the manufacturers whose firearms we sell.  In addtion to sales, we are factory certified armorers for ArmaLite, Glock and SigSauer. 

You can purchase on line from us by going to Davidson's Gallery of Guns Gun Genie .  Davidson's is one of our suppliers and the service they offer makes your shopping convenient. 

You can also come to our shop in Elk River and see our inventory and help us fit you for a firearm before you buy.  This is particularly important if it is your first firearm or you have never been fitted for a firearm before.

We can also order your firearm from a variety of suppliers if we do not have it in stock in our store or at Davidson's. Our internet prices at Davidson's are the same in our shop.  We accept cash, VISA, Master Card and Discover with no additional charge (thanks to the NRA).

Hand Guns, Rifles and Shotguns AR-15 Rifles and Similiar Models

How we ensure you get the gun that's right for you

Selecting the right firearm for you is more than just feel.  It must also fit you properly and meet your need.  At Riverside we take you through a eight point assessment specifically designed to ensure that the firearm you purchase is the right one.

We review with you the proper care and maintenance of the firearm that you purchase and show you how to properly field strip your new purchase.

We stand behind the firearms we sell and if a problem arises we will help you with the manufacturer to get the problem resolved.