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Sporting Clays Tip: Target Focus
Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School explains how to get a better focus on targets. By sliding your eyes to the front edge of the target the target will appear larger as well as slow down. Watch Gil's tip and start breaking more clays!


TTAG Gun Review: Remington 870 12 ga Pump Shotgun
The Remington 870pump action shotgun. Durable, affordable, reliable and infinitely customizable -- it's still the king.


Ear Protection 101 with Chris Cheng
History Channel's Top Shot Season 4 Champion Chris Cheng explains for beginner shooters the popular types of hearing protectionthat should always be used when shooting or while at a shooting range. Firearm instructors and experienced shooters are encouraged to watch and share these tips with newcomers to the shooting sports.

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Shooting Stance - 7 Key Components Of The Upper Triangle

5/21/2015 - Posted by Rob Leatham

We all were told at some point in our training to "relax, squeeze the trigger slowly and let the gun kick freely."

This makes sense when you're just starting out, but if you want to shoot faster and maintain a high degree of accuracy, this basic advice will have to evolve. You will have to do things differently. 

That's where shooting stance comes in.

It's one of the most important fundamentals of being a faster, more accurate shooter. Stance covers everything from the ground to your gun (literally). 

READ about the 7 Key Components Of The Upper Triangle



New NSSF Infographic: Ammunition Under Attack
Anti-hunting groups are working to ban the use of traditional ammunition with lead components. The California Fish and Game Commission on April 9 adopted regulations to implement the law that will ban the use of traditional ammunition for all hunting in the state by July 1, 2019. The implementation will involve multiple phases, beginning with the 2015 hunting season. What has started in California could become reality elsewhere as anti-hunting groups use the supposed harm caused by traditional ammunition as a wedge issue to further their ultimate political agenda of banning hunting across the country. View the NSSF YouTube videoor Infographicto get the facts.

 Watch the Video| View the Infographic


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Sporting Clays Tip: Slow Targets Down with Proper Gun Speed
Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School explains the concept of relative velocity as it applies to shotgunning and bird hunting. He says a target's speed will appear slower when the gun and the eyes properly match the speed of the target. Watch Gil's tip and start breaking more clays!


The Science of Long-range Shooting: Accuracy & Precision
Bryan Litz, ballistician, author and president of Applied Ballistics, knows the science behind long-range shooting and discusses accuracy vs. precisionin this introductory video. Find the full Applied Ballistics Instructional DVD "Putting Rounds on Target with Bryan Litz" hereand subscribe to the NSSF channel for more.


Shooting the Snubnose Revolver
A retired detective reflects on what it really takes to shoot a .38 snub nose revolver.

Are You Using Foam Earplugs Correctly? Probably Not.
Chris Leight from Howard Leight says, "98 percent of people do not put ear plugs in correctly," and explains the proper way to fit earplugsfor maximum effectiveness.


Babes with Bullets: Double Up on Ear Protection
Babes with Bullets camp director Deb Ferns says the most common complaint she gets from her students while at the range is, "It's too loud!" But, Deb has an ear protection suggestionthat can help make anyone's first-time-shooting experience a more enjoyable one.




Firearms History: If This Gun Could Talk
Whether it's a Texas Ranger revolver or warhorse rifle, each gun has a story to tell.





Shooting with Both Eyes Open & Visual Focus
Champion pistol shooter Doug Koenig explains how shooting with both eyes open allows him shoot both fast and accurate.


First Ever Lady's 3-Gun Pro-Am Draws Hundreds
From seasoned 3-Gun veterans to those just making their debut in the sport, nearly 200 women from all walks of life competed for over $277,000 in prizes at a first of its kind event--the 2014 Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge. See the tour de force of female competitors.


Deer Hunting Tip: Approaching Your Stand
A quiet and camouflaged approach to your deer stand or hunting blind could mean the difference between failure and success. Wildlife Biologist and GrowingDeer.TVHost, Grant Woods shares a tip that will increase your chances of success and a more enjoyable hunting experience. Grant is an avid supporter of the National Deer Alliance (NDA) and asks that you add your voice to the alliance. Support the NDA today with a FREE membership at Get more tips from Grant Woods at GrowingDeer.TV.



Handgun 101: Instruction for the Novice Shooter
Two new videos have been added to the series "Handgun 101 with Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng" that can help beginner level shooters better understand caliber and the basic firearm functions. Firearm instructors and experienced shooters are encouraged to watch and share these tips with newcomers to the shooting sports. Also, check out Chris' new book, "Shoot to Win: Tips, Tactics and Techniques to Help You Shoot Like a Pro," available at

Handgun 101: Understanding Caliber
Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng helps beginners understand caliber by providing some basic yet essential information about ammunition and how to properly match ammunition to a firearm.

Handgun 101: Handgun Actions
Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng helps beginners understand and identify handgun actions by demonstrating how the mechanisms of a handgun action operate.


Holiday Gun Buying: Things to Remember
With gift-giving season approaching once again, we remind readers who intend on purchasing a firearm as a gift for a family member or friend that there are many laws and regulations, from federal to local, to consider. Read the NSSF Blog post on holiday gun buyingso that you can make your gift memorable for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones.


Six Shotgunning Tips for the Field and Range
Getting a shotgun to hit where you point it can be a challenge. But there are a few tricks of the tradethat will get you smashing more clays and bagging more birds the next time you break out your smoothbore.






Stance & Grip for High Tower Targets
Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School demonstrates how many people experience difficulty when shooting high tower targets and offers a solution that will help you break more of these high-flying clays. Here's a hint: hands together, feet together. Now you'll have to watch the videoto find out what that means.


Keys to Pistol Shooting Success
Adam Painchaud, Director of the SIG SAUER Academy in New Hampshire, discusses with Dave Miles two keys to pistol shooting success: Muzzle Management and Trigger-finger Discipline. His approach can help you get shots on targets accurately no matter what your skill level or objective may be.